Roseline Tanwa Sobotie fondly called "Madame Roseline" by her students is a passionate and experienced modern foreign language educator that is focused on giving every child the real opportunity to embrace and enjoy learning a foreign language in a fun and pressure free environment irrespective of where they live or school.
Her drive is to equip every child with additional life skill, build confidence and develop self esteem. As well as furnish young children with a career prospect that cuts across borders through language acquisition skills. Thereby raising confident and competent linguists in the second most widely taught language globally, French. She has trained over 50 kids and adult beginners in French via her different platforms, both online and offline. She understands that language learning is a journey that requires a step by step process. She intentionally engages her students in one-on-one personalized lessons depending on individual level and needs. She also organizes a monthly mentorship interactive session in her "Lingoclub" learning by immersion to help her students to be better equipped.

Her intense desire to see children and young adult stand out as confident and competent linguists has  driven her to volunteer 1 hour french lesson as an extra curriculum activity in selected community schools. She holds a Bachelor's degree in French from the prestigious University of Benin, Benin city, Nigeria. She has continued to stay relevant, up to date and has  bagged several Certifications:

Social works from Sutton Coldfield College, UK.

21st century Boarding School ‘Good practice’
 Educare, UK.

Early years Education -(Open2study)Australian Universities

Learning support(ADHD)-Derby University,UK.

Montessori method of Education for Children-Lagos

CME (Creative mind Education)Effective Educator

Language Angels,UK